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Pokemon lovers 
12:00pm 26/03/2013
mood: energetic

I'm new here don't know how this thing works but I just wanna to show you my pikachu tattoo

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02:52pm 02/02/2013
mood: thirsty
I know that October is a bit far away but has anyone here decided on which version of the new Pokemon game they want to get? I am getting both versions -- one (Y) for my sister and one (X). And also, which starter are you getting? I was going to settle on Fennekin, but I'm gravitating towards Chespin now. My sister is getting Froakie. :)

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The Mystery of Looker 
12:05pm 01/02/2012
mood: curious
I found this on the site Pokememes on IcanHasCheezburger. It brought up a very interesting point!

pokémon - What Most People Don't Know About Looker
see more Pokememes
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Pokemon B&W 2 
01:15pm 06/06/2012
mood: uncomfortable

I found out about this by chatting w/ my 3DS friend, and so far it looks cool. It takes place 2 years after the current version. It has different chars and a different storyline.

Here is more info. --->

I just started *again* on the first Black. I fall victim to my changing moods and / or whims.


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Darkrai Wifi Event 
08:12pm 12/05/2012
mood: content
If you own Black or White now you can get Darkrai as a mystery gift (or whatev it is called.) 
More info is here.

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