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Your Lovely Charming Villianette!

APF Version 1.2

The Adult Pokemon Fans
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
(taken from Adult Pokemon Fan Yahoo site)

Name: Adult-Pokemon-Fan
Mission: Uniting older Pokemon fans
Who: Anyone of or beyond high school age
Why: As assumed, Pokemon is the most frequently conversed topic--the anime, manga, video games, TCG; if it has anything to do with Pokemon, it’s discussed. Yu-Gi-Oh! ranks in at a close second. Any anime/manga may be addressed, really; there are no restrictions. We also talk about animation in general, and there’s a good deal of casual randomness, as well. Pretty much anything goes around here. :)
- Requirements for acceptance –
Not really anything, if you're over 14 and are a TR/Pokemon just join. But we don't like ads... so we'll like freak if someone randomly throws in a ad. But thats seldomly happens in Livejournals.

Also... you will be automatically denied if you post anything "Adult" or anything that includes material pertaining to sexual erotica. Things can get pretty kinky at times, but we’re still not THAT kinda group! XP We are the Adult pokemon fans... but only pertaining that we're 14 and up...

Questions, comments, and whatever you feel the need to ask, just talk tolabyrinth1n3, she owns the place.